Barefoot White Zinfandel 75cl (Case Of 6)


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Rosé Wine

Wine of California, U.S.A.

Barefoot White Zinfandel is full of luscious pineapple and strawberry flavours and tastes deliciously fruity.

© 2007 Barefoot Cellars

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: NV
Producer: Barefoot Cellars
Grape Variety: Zinfandel, Symphony, Muscat
Winemaker: Jen Wall
Agent: Barefoot Cellars
Vinification Details: The winemaker hand chose the yeast and used a cool fermentation process. The fermentation was stopped allowing the sugars from the grape to remain in the wine. This provides the fresh flavours and fruit characters to develop in the wine glass. The use of cool storage in the tank preserved the fresh floral and tropical aromas and tastes. These techniques and just the right amount of care and handling resulted in a delicious wine.
History: Barefoot Wine & Bubbly got started in California in the 1960s. Its founders believed that wine should be more fun and less serious; and created a wine that could be enjoyed by everyone from first-time wine drinkers to hard-core aficionados. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is the most awarded and #1 wine brand in the US and was introduced to the UK in 2007. Staying true to its grassroots beginnings Barefoot Wine & Bubbly gives back to local non-profit groups through charitable wine donations.
Regional Information: A warm and dry spring and summer lead to an early harvest. The grape canopies were managed to allow just the right amount of sunlight on the fruit. The warm days resulted in ripe tropical floral aromas and tastes.

Alcohol By Volume: 8
Units: 6.0
Serving Suggestion: Great served with appetisers, summer fruits, chicken, seafood and cheeses