Bic 1 Shaver 5s (Case Of 10)


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Easy to use: the fixed razor head keeps things simple and gives you control while shaving
Quick shaving: the legendary grooved orange handle is easy to use and handle

A no-nonsense classic: this pack contains 5 disposable razors for men with a single blade for a clean shave
Practical: BIC 1 Sensitive razors are engineered with a single blade made of stainless steel that rinses off easily
Classic: these razors for men are one of the original disposable razors first introduced by BIC; just as trusted and dependable as everSimple and practical, the BIC 1 Sensitive disposable single-blade razor is a good choice for men who want a reliable no-nonsense shave. One stainless steel blade makes for easy rinsing to keep the blade clean. The lightweight grooved handle is easy to use for an uncomplicated shaving routine. This pack contains 5 razors.Introduced in 1979, the BIC 1 Sensitive single-blade razor is the second one-piece men’s razor that BIC produced after the breakthrough BIC 1 razor came out in 1975. Since then, men all over the world have trusted this iconic practical disposable razor for a reliable shave. The version in this pack of five features a distinctive lightweight orange handle for easy control. Just one stainless steel blade makes for easy cleaning, plus it helps prevent clogged hairs. The fixed head is great for a quick no-nonsense shave. These legendary razors are still manufactured in BIC’s own state-of-the-art plants where every blade must pass stringent quality controls. BIC has been designing and producing razors for men for over 40 years, so it knows what everyone wants and needs from a great shave. BIC’s uncompromising standards have earned it a global reputation for quality and value. Simply a BIC.