Calgon Xpress Tabs 75pk (Case Of 4)


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Calgon 4in1 water softener tablets are fast acting to boost efficiency for your washing machine by removing limescale and helping your washing machine to live longer. They are suitable to use alongside your washing liquid, washing capsules and washing powder.
Simply add one Calgon 4in1 tablet to each wash into the detergent section of your washing machine with your laundry in addition to your usual laundry detergent for:
1. Limescale prevention
2. Removal of dirt & residue left by detergents
3. Odour elimination, to keep your washing machine smelling clean
4. Rust preventionCalgon tablets begin acting immediately to break down limescale and prevent dirt residue, leaving your washing machine healthy with every wash. The tablets actively protect against limescale, dirt residue, odours and rust from the very first seconds of the wash cycle. Calgon protects not only the heating element of your washing machine but also the drum, pipes, hoses and pump to ensure all parts of your washing machine that come into contact with water are protected. Calgon 4in1 tablets are available in pack sizes of: 8, 15, 30, 45 & 75.
Help your Washing Machine Live Longer with Calgon!