Ciroc Red Berries Vodka 70cl (Case Of 6)


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PERFECT FOR GIFTING – CÎROC Red Berry Vodka is the ideal gift for cocktail connoisseurs and those who appreciate ultra-premium vodkas.
GIFTING: Perfect gift for all your special moments & milestones.
HOW TO ENJOY – CÎROC Red Berry Vodka is best served neat, on the rocks or combined with a mixer like lemonade for a long serve. It can also be used as the base of classic vodka cocktails for a fruity twist.
AWARDS – CÎROC Flavours are the Number 1 ultra-premium flavoured vodka in the world. (Nielsen Jan 2022)
ABOUT – Distilled five times to ensure high quality, CÎROC Red Berry Vodka is infused with raspberry, strawberry and other natural flavours, resulting in a taste experience that is luxuriously different and elegantly smooth.
TASTING NOTES – CÎROC Red Berry Vodka’s tasting notes include juicy raspberry and strawberry flavours.

CÎROC Red Berry Vodka is a flavourful spirit that combines the natural essence of ripe red berries with the smoothness of premium vodka. Distilled from fine French grapes and infused with a blend of red berries, CÎROC Red Berry Vodka offers a rich and vibrant taste experience, epitomising the spirit of celebration and indulgence. This ultra-premium vodka was developed in the South of France in 2003 and is the one of the few vodkas in the world to use fine French grapes. The inspiration for its distillation process is based on over a hundred years of experience and craftsmanship in winemaking. This makes CÎROC something very special.

Alcohol By Volume: 37.5
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