CL Biscuits for Cheese 1kg (Case Of 6)


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A selection of Biscuits for Cheese

Contains 10 varieties
A catering assortment of savoury biscuits and crackers
Re-sealable tub for freshness
160 Biscuits Typically
UK Salt Target Compliant
Suitable for Vegetarians

Suitable for Vegetarians

Cornish Wafer, Cream Cracker, Dixie Chive Cracker, Poppy Seed Cracker, Multigrain Cracker, Salt & Black Pepper Cracker, Bran Cracker, Wafer Biscuit, Sesame Carlton, Wheatsheaf DigestiveAll Wheat Flour used in the above biscuits is fortified with Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Nicotinamide, Thiamin.

Plastic Tray PET-1
Plastic Tub PP-5© Booker 001019

Number of uses/Servings: 160

This pack typically contains 160 biscuits

Box Contents:
Dixie Chive Cracker, Cornish Wafer, Mulitgrain Cracker, Salt & Black Pepper Cracker, Bran Cracker, Water Biscuit, Poppy Seed Cracker, Wheatsheaf Digestive, Sesame Carlton, Cream Cracker

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Weight 6 kg