Coors Nrb 12x330m


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This Product is Non HFSS

When the Mountains Turn Blue It’s as Cold as The Rockies
A clean and refreshing 4% lager that’s as crisp as the mountain air.
Born in the Rockies, nobody knows cold better than us.
Our bottles, cans and glasses all feature thermo ink which turns blue when Coors is mountain cold. It’s our unique Cold Beer Guarantee.

Introducing The World’s Most Refreshing Beer™
Coors is a clean, light and refreshing lager with low bitterness and crisp finish that delivers mountain cold refreshment. Coors is best served cold. Every pack features our unique thermochromic ink. When the mountains on the bottle or can turn blue, Coors is mountain cold and ready to drink. It’s our Cold Beer Guarantee, and it’s how you know Coors is at the perfect temperature. Remember, Blue Mountains = Cold Beer.

Trade marks of Coors Brewing Company used under licence.

Alcohol By Volume: 4