Cow&Gate Follow On Baby Milk 800g (Case Of 6)


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Follow-on milk from 6 months

Trusted for over 100 years
Contains Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D
Contains no palm oil
Specially designed to complement your little one’s weaning diet
Enriched with important nutrients to support your little one’s nutritional needs, Cow & Gate 2 Follow-On milk powder 800g:

At around 6 months, your baby will be enjoying the start of their weaning adventures! Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk can help play a core role in their feeding journey as a source of important nutrients. Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk is specifically designed to support your little one’s nutritional needs from when they start their weaning journey right up until their first birthday.
It’s enriched with the important nutrients, such as iron to support your little one’s normal cognitive development, calcium for normal growth and development of bone, and vitamin D to support the normal function of their immune system.
Made with love for little tummies, and trusted for over 100 years, Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk is here to support your baby as they happily play, learn and explore the world around them.
At Cow & Gate, things that matter to you as a parent matter to us too. That is why our milks have no palm oil and no artificial preservatives.
Our 800g pack of Cow & Gate Follow-on milk contains 24 feeds, and comes with a handy scoop which can be stored in the lid and a scoop leveller, for more accuracy when preparing your baby’s milk.
What’s next?
When your little one turns one, and becomes even more active, their nutritional needs increase. Made for toddlers from 1 year, Cow & Gate Toddler Milk is nutritionally tailored for toddlers, with vitamin D and Calcium to support normal growth and development of bone, and is the next step on their feeding journey.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Contents may settle in transit.

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