Heineken 10x440m


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5.0% ABV
100% natural ingredients
Brewed for 150 years to be enjoyed with good times.

Experience the richness of Heineken, a premium lager with a deep golden hue, subtle bitterness, and a harmonious hop aroma that culminates in a refreshing, clean finish.Established in 1873 by Gerard Heineken in Amsterdam, Holland, our unparalleled brew quality has stood the test of time. Today, Heineken® is enjoyed in 192 countries worldwide, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence.With an astounding 25 million Heineken®s savoured daily across 192 nations, making it the world’s most international beer.Key Features of Heineken:Crafted from 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, this is a premium, invigorating lager.
Think of Heineken as the ‘single malt’ of lagers, meticulously created, pure, and free from corn, rice, or additives.
Gather your loved ones for moments of joy, whether it’s cheering on your favourite teams or celebrating special occasions like Christmas, Easter, summer festivals, and BBQs.For an optimal enjoyment, serve Heineken chilled. Each pack contains ten carefully crafted 440ml cans, ensuring there’s a Heineken for every occasion.

Alcohol By Volume: 5
Units: 2.2
Tasting Notes: AROMA: Light with fruity notes. MOUTHFEEL: Moderate body. FINISH: Lingering fruit and balanced bitterness.
Serving Suggestion: Best served chilled.

Statutory/Years: 18