HP Sauce PM269 255g (Case Of 12)



The original and the best!
Low Fat
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours
No Artificial Preservatives
Suitable for Vegetarians

Suitable for Vegetarians
Low Fat

HP Sauce, the original brown sauce which since 1899 has set the standard for quality. Everyone’s favourite, this legendary and uniquely distinctive sauce is the result of our dedication to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using a closely guarded secret recipe.
Indulge in the rich, bold flavours that have made HP Sauce a beloved cupboard staple for over a century. Crafted with passion and expertise, each bottle is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional taste and uncompromising quality.
The secret to HP Sauce lies in its carefully selected ingredients, including a combination of vinegars, tomatoes, and a special blend of spices. The result is a sauce that is tangy, savoury, and full-bodied, with a depth of flavor that complements a wide range of dishes.
Whether you’re drizzling it over a sizzling steak, dipping crispy fries, or adding a generous dollop to your favorite sandwich, HP Sauce enhances every bite with its unique and unmistakable taste. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it the perfect accompaniment to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Number of uses/Servings: 17

Servings per bottle – 17

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