Jam Shed Rose 75cl (Case Of 6)


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Wine of South Eastern Australia
Crisp, Delicate & Fresh

Sourced from selected vineyards, this Rosé is rich & juicy, with flavours of fresh red summer berries and cream. It’s a seriously delicious pink wine, jam packed with flavour!
Whichever way you drink it, you are sure to love it. Seriously shareable. Seriously delicious. Seriously… give it a go!

Number of uses/Servings: 6

Bottle contains 6 glasses

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: NV
Producer: Accolade Wines
Grape Variety: Rosé Grape Blend
Agent: Accolade Wines
Vinification Details: Grapes are gently crushed and part fermented on the grape skins at cool temperatures for 2 days to impart the lovely rosé colour. The juice is then run off and a cool fermented to develop the red fruit flavours.
History: So you want to know more about Jam Shed? Well, it’s quite simple really – Jam Shed is made for people who like to drink wine, not just talk about it. Seriously Shareable. Seriously Delicious. Seriously… give it a go!
Regional Information: South Eastern Australia has a climate well-suited for growing grapes, with warm summer days and plenty of sunshine allowing full fruit flavours and sugar to develop.

Alcohol By Volume: 11
Units: 8.3