Kelloggs Mixed Portions 35xSgl


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This Product is HFSS
Original – Crunchy rice, wholewheat and barley flakes
Corn Flakes – Toasted flakes of golden corn.
Coco Pops – Chocolate flavour toasted rice.
Crunchy Nut – Golden flakes of corn with sugar, peanuts and honey.
Rice Krispies – Toasted rice cereal.

Original – crunchy rice, wholewheat & barley flakes
Contains extra folic acid
Suitable for vegetarians
Halal – HFA approved

Suitable for Vegetarians

Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies
Produced in EUCoco Pops and Crunchy Nut
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Box Contents:
Original 30g e, Corn Flakes 24g e, Coco Pops 35g e, Crunchy Nut 35g e, Rice Krispies 22g e