Lynx AP Africa GOAT PM399 200ml (Case Of 6)


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This Antiperspirant has the iconic LYNX Africa fragrance with a fresh new look. The G.O.A.T.
No matter what comes your way, this XL can of LYNX Africa Antiperspirant has got you covered with the warm fragrance of squeezed mandarin and sandalwood
LYNX Africa Antiperspirant Deodorant spray gives you 72-hour protection against sweat thanks to its pro-scent technology and high-definition fragrance
LYNX Africa is the UK’s #1 male fragrance* – when you pick up this antiperspirant, you are holding true greatness
G.O.A.T. LYNX antiperspirant in an infinitely recyclable aerosol can – fresher you, cleaner planet
Embrace the G.O.A.T. sensation of this LYNX antiperspirant spray with its uniquely warm fragrance

You are holding true greatness. Lynx’s Africa is the UK’s #1 fragrance* – you don’t want to be the one missing out! We’ve sold +400 million Lynx Africa Bad Boys and then some. That is one for every person in the UK & Ireland five times over. With this XL can of LYNX Africa antiperspirant, you get 72 hours of protection and high-definition fragrance. Lynx Africa Antiperspirant is the true G.O.A.T. of fragrance, with a squeezed mandarin and sandalwood scent. Formulated to protect against excessive sweating for 72 hours, our deodorant helps you to stay fresh, confident, and ready for anything that comes your way. LYNX Africa Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray complements your style and helps you stay fresh and in control. We aim to give you the edge in the mating game. How to use it? Shaking the can well and holding it 15 cm away from your underarm, spray in a well-ventilated area for great protection. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. G.O.A.T. LYNX antiperspirant in an infinitely recyclable aerosol can – fresher you, cleaner planet. By 2025, LYNX aims for all our packaging to be recyclable or to include recycled materials. Welcome to the future. It smells amazing. LYNX.
*Kantar Usage, GB Male Deodorant % Weekly Occasions. June 2018–2022.