Lynx SG Africa 225ml (Case Of 6)


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LYNX Africa Shower Gel is made with 100% plant-based moisturisers to keep your skin feeling irresistibly soft, naturally
Our shower gel bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic** – fresher you, cleaner planet
Kick-start your day with a refreshing shower enhanced with our iconic Africa scent which never goes out of style
LYNX Africa Shower Gel keeps you feeling and smelling fresh all day with the UK’s #1 fragrance*
Our shower gel features the GOAT of fragrance with squeezed mandarin and sandalwood notes
This body cleanser dispels odour and provides up to 12 hours of refreshing fragrance

Seize true greatness and lather up with the spicy freshness of LYNX Africa Shower Gel. We’ve sold over 400 million LYNX Africa Bad Boys† and then some; that is one for every person in the UK and Ireland 5 times over – you don’t want to be the one missing out! No matter what comes your way, this moisturising shower gel has got you covered with the greatest fragrance of all time. Our iconic Africa scent boosts your game with warm notes of squeezed mandarin and sandalwood. LYNX body cleanser dispels odour to leave you feeling clean and smelling 100% irresistible. All. Day. Long. Plus, it contains 100% plant-based moisturisers for naturally soft skin. Wash away odour and smell refreshed for 12 hours with LYNX Africa Shower Gel. Squeeze out gel. Lather on. Rinse off. Remember to recycle the bottle and take care of our planet. By 2025, we aim for all our packaging to be recyclable or to include recycled materials – our shower gel bottles are already made of 100% recycled plastic**. Fresher you, cleaner planet. Welcome to the future. It smells amazing. LYNX. *Kantar Usage, GB Male Shower % Weekly Occasions, June 2018-2022 **excluding cap †since launch