Maoam Maoamixx PM125 140g (Case Of 14)


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Fruit and Cola Flavour Chewy Sweets

The Full on Chew
No artificial colours

Nothing chews like a Maoam® and there’s so many Maoams to chewse from full on… Till it’s goneThe best mix in one pack!
Stripes, JoyStixx, Happy fruttis, Bloxx, Pinballs, Sour stripes

Target mixture contains: Stripes, Sour stripes, Pinballs 3-pack, Bloxx, Joystixx, Happy fruttis. This is a random mixture. Therefore contents may differ from specified target mixture.

Number of uses/Servings: 5

Pack contains approx 5 portions

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Weight 71.96 kg