Monster Mixed Punch PM165 500ml (Case Of 12)


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Carbonated Energy Drink with 5.3% Fruit Juice from Juice Concentrate, Taurine, Caffeine, L-Carnitine and B Vitamins with Sugars and Sweetener.

L-Carnitine + Taurine + B-Vitamins
This product is GMO free
This product is gluten free
This product is allergen free

Carbonated energy drink with 160mg Caffeine. Tropical Punch flavour.There’s always someone who likes to mix things up the party. The DJ mixing the music or someone mixing the punch bowl to get the party rolling!
At Monster we like to stir things up a bit too and inevitably our next great concoction comes to life.
Monster Mixxd, a tropical punch sensation packed with a full load of our Monster Energy blend. It’s sure to get the party started, day or night!Unleash the Beast!®We support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans. We back athletes so they can make a career out of their passions. We promote concert tours so our favorite bands can visit your home town. We celebrate with our fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest events we can think of a reality. We’re all about our fans rockin’ the Monster logo – on hats, shirts, bikes, trucks or even on themselves.
Monster is way more than an energy drink.
Monster is… A lifestyle in a can

Contains added colours
Contains added preservatives
Contains added intense sweeteners
Contains caffeineThis product is not suitable for vegetarians as it contains a colour (Carmine) sourced from insects