Nissin Soba Noodles Chilli 111g (Case Of 9)



Instant Wheat Noodles with Chilli Seasoning Sauce.

Can be used as a tasty snack or as part of a main meal
*From the inventor of the instant noodle
No. 1 in Japan*
Wok Style Instant Noodles
Ready in 3 mins
Contains liquid seasoning sauce for Asian flavours and mouth-watering taste

Imagine yourself in Japan with a street food vendor’s wok sizzling in front of you as you tuck into these Nissin Soba instant noodles. Our chilli noodle recipe captures authentic Asian flavours. A combination of carefully selected spices, chilli peppers and vegetables promises a powerful taste explosion. It is the perfect balance of comforting hot and spicy elements inspired by Asian cuisine. And that’s not all, your tasty dish will be ready in just 3 minutes. Simply boil the noodles and vegetables until the water has almost disappeared, then mix in the sauce while stir-frying to add that final irresistibly tasty touch. Enjoy as they are, or why not add a protein like chicken or tofu and vegetables to your Soba Wok Style Chilli noodles. Sit back and enjoy a hot and spicy dish that will transport you to downtown Tokyo. Whether you’re looking for the perfect satisfying lunch or a revitalising afternoon snack, these spicy instant noodles are the ideal choice. Asian Blast – the original flavour explosion.

Licensed by: Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.

Number of uses/Servings: 1

One portion noodles after preparation

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