Nissin Soba Noodles Classic 109g (Case Of 9)



Instant Wheat Noodles with Yakisoba Seasoning Sauce.

No. 1 in Japan*
Wok Style Instant Noodles
Ready in 3 mins
Contains liquid seasoning sauce for Asian flavours and mouth-watering taste
Can be used as a tasty snack or as part of a main meal
*From the inventor of the instant noodle

A classic, but certainly not ordinary! Irresistible Yakisoba noodles with a tasty sauce. It’s a true original of Japanese street food. Nissin Soba Wok Style Classic Noodles are perfect for savouring as a satisfying lunch or snack or serving alongside a protein, like chicken or tofu, and vegetables as part of a complete meal. Save time and effort with these easy-to-prepare and tasty Japanese instant noodles – just boil them until the water has almost disappeared, then add the flavouring sauce for an extra flavour boost and stir fry until the water is completely gone before tucking in. They’re so quick to make, they’re perfect for a quick yet filling lunch or as a side at dinnertime. Enjoy as they are, or why not add a protein like chicken or tofu and vegetables to your noodles. Try this Soba noodles classic today and feel the explosive taste of authentic Japanese cuisine! Asian Blast – the original flavour explosion.

Licensed by: Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.

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