QC Cream 70cl (Case Of 6)


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Fortified British Wine

The smooth mellow taste of QC is produced using a skillful process of fermentation, ageing and blending combined with expertise acquired over more than three quarters of a century.QC Cream has a rich dark colour and a smooth full bodied sweet taste – the ideal drink for relaxing at home.

Type of Closure: Screwcap

Current Vintage: NV
Producer: Accolade Wines
Grape Variety: WhiteGrapeBlend
Winemaker: Not applicable
Agent: Accolade Wines
Vinification Details: FBW are made using traditional cellar methods with fermented grapes, fortified with spirit and aged to create a stronger drink with a fuller, more mature flavour.
History: QC – Fortified British Wines were formerly defined as Sherry.
Regional Information: Region – United Kingdom

Alcohol By Volume: 15.0
Units: 10.5
Tasting Notes: QC Cream – A British Fortified Wine – has a rich dark colour and a smooth full bodied sweet taste.
Serving Suggestion: To enjoy at its best, we recommend that QC Cream is served at room temperature.

Statutory/Years: 18