Sprite PM199 2ltr (Case Of 6)


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Sparkling Lemon-Lime Flavour Low Calorie Soft Drink with Sugar and Sweeteners

Suitable for vegans
With refreshing lemon & lime taste
Low Calories
Sparkling soft refreshing drink
100% Natural Flavours
New Irresistible Taste
100% natural lemon & lime flavour
Suitable for vegetarians

Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Vegetarians

Sprite Lemon and Lime great taste! A cool collision of lemon and lime flavor that delivers a crisp, clean taste. Perfectly transparent with 100% natural flavours. Cool refreshment, at home and on the go.Sprite: a clean, crisp, fresh-tasting lemon & lime drink for those who live intensely. 100% natural flavours.Sprite is a great sparkling fruit flavoured soft drink. A collision of refreshing, tasty lemon and lime flavour that delivers a crisp, clean flavour.

Contains natural flavourings
Contain intense sweeteners