Tilda E/C Wholegrain Rice 5kg


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Wholegrain Brown Rice

Our range specifically for chefs
We remove broken grains which cause sticky rice
Superior quality providing you extra value
Genuine goodness
Appetising appearance with separate, fluffy grains
Perfect fluffy grains of rice guaranteed not to stick
Customer satisfaction guaranteed
Trusted by chefs – consistent quality
100% consistency guaranteed – consistency you can rely on

Why Easy Cook Brown Wholegrain?
Tilda Easy Cook Brown Wholegrain is a versatile grain that gives your dishes a deliciously nutty flavour and allows you to offer your customers all the goodness of wholegrains. It has been pre-steamed to ensure that grains never stick and you get excellent results every time, guaranteed.

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Number of uses/Servings: 100

100 x 50g Portions

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Weight 5 kg