Gillette Shave Foam Regular 200ml (Case Of 6)


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EASY GROOMING: Gillette’s foamy texture makes it easy to lather and rinse off with a smooth glide—and ideal for the fast shave you want
A GREAT DEAL: Gillette Classic Shave Foam Original Scent can lasts up to 3 months of shaves, shaving 4 times per week—or up to 5 months for 300 ml cans
CLASSIC PROTECTION: Helps protect your skin against shaving irritation, cuts, nicks, and stinging with Gillette’s classic formula
IT’S QUICK, EASY AND SMOOTH: Gillette Comfort Glide formula helps razors glide clean and fast for a shave with few tugs, pulls, friction & shaving irritation
WORLD’S no.1 SHAVE & FOAM BRAND: There’s a reason Gillette’s been around for 100 years—Gillette knows what men want in a shave

Gillette Classic Shave Foam with Original Scent is a classic for a reason: it’s the quick and easy shave you need, with the smoothness and protection you want. Gillette’s Classic Foam formula helps reduce shaving irritation, nicks, cuts, burns & stinging. Plus, the Comfort Glide Formula helps razors glide clean & fast for an easy shave with few tugs or pulls. Show the world your best face with Gillette Classic Shave Foam, made for men by the World’s Nr.1 Shave Gel & Foam brand.