Gillette Shave Gel Regular 200ml (Case Of 6)


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A GREAT DEAL: The Gillette Classic Shave Gel Original Scent can lasts up to 7 weeks of shaves, shaving 4 times per week
SMOOTH RAZOR GLIDE: Gillette Comfort Glide formula has polymers for lubrication, helping razors glide quickly and cleanly—with few tugs, pulls, and friction
EASY GROOMING: Classic Shave Gel turns into a protective lather that’s easy to apply and fast to rinse off for quick & simple grooming
WORLD’S No.1 SHAVE & FOAM BRAND: There’s a reason Gillette’s been around for 100 years—Gillette knows what men want in a shave
CLASSIC PROTECTION: Helps protect your skin against shaving irritation, cuts, nicks, and stinging with Gillette’s classic formula

Gillette Classic Shave Gel is a classic for a reason—it’s a match between the ease you need and the protection you want. Gillette’s Comfort Glide Formula helps reduce shaving irritation, nicks, cuts, burns & stinging with a clean & fast razor slide. That means few tugs & pulls. Gillette Classic Shave Gel turns into a lather enriched with polymers for added lubrication—it’s quick, smoother and easier. Show the world your best face with Gillette Classic Shave Gel made for men by the World’s Nr.1 Shave Gel & Foam brand.